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How to bet on baseball and win: the best strategies

What is baseball and what are the features of the sport. Analysis of baseball matches, betting strategies and the nuances of their use. In which betting shops is it better to bet on baseball, what is in the list of bookmakers. Pros and cons of betting on baseball games.

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the USA. In Europe and the Far East, an unprecedented interest has also awakened in this discipline recently – more national championships have appeared, and a lot of money is being invested in the promotion of leagues. Baseball has become one of the most important sports for bookmakers – due to the high interest of the gaming public, companies began to schedule matches much better and in more detail, not only in American MLB, but also in other tournaments. In this material, we will consider the nuances of betting on baseball, analyze the features of the analysis of matches and tell you a few more useful facts about betting on this sport.

How to analyze matches

In the analysis of baseball matches, special attention should be paid to one specific player on the team – the pitcher. His role is the most important – he acts as the main dispatcher.

You also need to pay attention to another player – the catcher. He works in conjunction with the pitcher – catches the balls directed by him. The analytics of every game in baseball is built around this pitcher-catcher duo, so it’s worth looking at their performance statistics and the pitcher’s ERA – the lower it is, the better. In addition, it is important to use more standard nuances for analysis:

  • results of the last matches of the teams;
  • the calendar of each team – how high the density of the game schedule is;
  • composition of teams – view the lists of injured athletes, whether there was a change of coach;
  • pitcher class – ERA indicator. Also look at the number of runs – if there are a lot of them on average per match, then the class is correspondingly high;
  • statistics of other players.

What is in the list of bookmakers for baseball games?

Many bookmakers have gradually begun to describe baseball matches in more detail, but this has not significantly changed the number of available events for betting. If you want to bet on a game, you can look at these betting options:

Outcome (W1 or W2). You need to determine the winner of the game. Due to the absence of a draw result, one has to choose only from the options W1 and W2.

Handicap. Handicap between teams by score. The handicap can be negative or positive: the first case is convenient in betting on outsiders, when you need to express the advantage of a better team, and the second is used when expressing a low advantage of the favorite. Also, the handicap is Asian (fractional) and European (integer). For example, H1 (-1.5) is Asian and H2 (+5) is European.

Total. Team performance in a match. The total can be not only general, but also individual – for each team separately.

Winning in an inning. Here the bettor needs to choose who will win a particular inning.The bet is dangerous because for its analysis it is important to personally view the match and predict the trend of its development in a particular inning.

Action line by innings. This includes betting on the winner, total, handicap, individual total, even/odd and other betting options within a particular inning.

Long term rates. This category includes events related to the winner of a tournament or the determination of teams that should potentially qualify for the playoffs.

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