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The essence of the circular system is to break one large express train into several separate smaller ones.

What is the result? The potential income will be reduced, but the chances of winning will increase significantly, saving a lot of nerve cells to the bettor, which is what the term Round Robin means.

How do Round Robin bets work

Affordable opportunity to hedge your bet, minimizing potential losses when using parlays. Basically, within the Round Robin system, players make up a series of small accumulators with various combinations of events. At the same time, the minimum is to make 3 accumulators, the maximum in theory is not limited, but in practice, most bookmakers have eight. In general, Round Robin betting is a cyclic planning mechanism in sports betting.

Round Robin betting covers such a large number of available options that the final payouts are significantly less with one successful big express. But this is the point – the Round Robin system is suitable for people who want to find a balance of profitable payouts and additional security.

How to bet on a Round Robin

To place a bet, you should choose the lines that are suitable for you and use the “Round Robin” option. After that, select the number of different ways you will bet on – the number of stages in your accumulator. Then you specify the size of the bet. And after that, the bookmaker will generate the appropriate parameters for evaluating and creating a round bet – you will be able to visually assess the potential size of the winnings and make the final decision.Step-by-step instruction

Round Robin bets really allow you to significantly reduce the associated risks. After all, with one unsuccessful event, the bettor does not go into the red and the load on the bankroll decreases.

It is important to understand that each person is individual. Therefore, the preferred types of bets for it may vary. In the case of the Round Robin, we see something in between fans of classic accumulators and regular singles, having received the desired balance of security and a relatively large win.

If you are considering a round bet with only 3 bets, there is really no particular difficulty here. But when preparing a round bet on 8 different lines with an accumulator of 5 events, it will be necessary to prepare literally 56 different accumulators. We can say with confidence that working with such volumes is quite tedious. Yes, and the risk of making a mistake at such a scale will be much higher.

Most bookmakers already offer the corresponding functionality for visual Round Robin betting, which significantly reduces the hassle for the bettor. To do this, you just need to go to the appropriate section, where you can determine the appropriate events and outcomes. The functionality of most offices allows you to turn on 3-8 lines at the same time, but for some sites this number may be more. This strategy does not require special software or a clever algorithm, but it is always important to keep a betting diary and record your wins and losses.

What is the difference between Round Robin betting and triple betting?

Triple bets are defined as a small parlay. If you are clearly confident in the strength of your teams (for example, Inter, Manchester United and Bayern), then you can not bet on them individually. Especially if they are clear favorites and the singles do not give a decent win. The solution is to combine them into an accumulator and the coefficient is already becoming much more interesting. For example, they bet $10 and got $42 at the exit – quite worthy for three events. But it is enough for one of them not to play to completely lose his bank.

In the case of a Round Robin system, instead of one accumulator with three events, we get several separate accumulators, each of which will have two events – Inter win + Draw, Manchester United win + Draw, Bavaria win + Draw. What is the result? The potential income will be reduced, but the chances of winning will increase significantly, saving a lot of nerve cells to the bettor. At the same time, it will be possible to stay in the black, even if one of the bets does not go through.

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