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Live betting is a game in a bookmaker’s office in real time. The player makes a bet during the match, and not before it starts.

The main bank management methods are universal, suitable for both pre-match and live. The live betting market is also traditional: the player can choose any sports and bet types.

Football and hockey, tennis and volleyball, basketball and biathlon. As well as outcomes, double outcomes, personal and team totals, various odds and handicaps, bets on intervals and goals. And so on.

How to place a bet during the match?

No difficulty. A bet in the course of the game is accepted according to the same principles as a pre-match bet. It is enough to determine the event on the bookmaker’s website, select the outcome and specify the bet amount. The operator will accept the bet and settle it after the end of the event.

It is recommended to place bets only with legal bookmakers, this will protect you from dishonest play.

Pros and cons of live betting

This type of betting has several obvious advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start with the strengths.

Speed. Live bets are made quickly and at a convenient time for the player. No need to wait for the match to start.

More options for rate analysis. Even careful preparation before making a bet may not take into account some factors: a player’s injury during the warm-up, changing weather conditions. In addition, the player has the opportunity to watch the selected match and understand the state of the team or athlete. And then place a bet.

Wide range of events. You can watch several matches at the same time and use observations to make an accumulator.

But there are also disadvantages.

Technical problems. The bookmaker may not accept the bet on the first attempt due to site failures, then all the work done by the player will be wasted. Experienced players are advised to create accounts with several operators. If one site goes down, you can use another.

Increased commission. The bookmaker’s margin in live betting is higher than in pre-match, since the probability of making a mistake when it is necessary to quickly change the line increases. Finding a guaranteed outcome with a good odds is almost impossible.

Freezing the acceptance of bets. During the game, the opportunity to bet sometimes disappears, at such moments the operator recalculates the odds and updates them on the website. This may be due to an important event in the match or a suspicious increase in the number of bets on one of the outcomes.

Helpful hints

Stick to a financial strategy

There is nothing to do in betting without competent bankroll management. Especially – in live, where there is always a great temptation to spit on financial strategy and double the bet to win back. Without adhering to a clear financial strategy, losing a bank live is as easy as shelling pears. It is optimal to set flat – that is, to determine in advance how many percent of the bank each rate will be (for example, 5%).

Don’t bet on everything

Why are live bets good? The fact that they allow you to receive money for a good knowledge of a particular sport. Understanding football, you can win by betting on it live. There is also the other side of the coin – many climb into sports that they know little about.

Watch matches

Live allows you to bet on a match while watching it live.Before the game, it is not clear what line-up the team will play, what condition its leaders are in, what tactics will be used for the duel. All this is known during the match. A person who has watched thousands of matches in his life intuitively feels how the game he watches live will develop.

Don’t be greedy

Ask any experienced player, and he will tell you how once, thanks to live, he increased the bank several times over the evening. Yes, by taking a big risk, you can raise several times more than you set, but if you take risks all the time, sooner or later the entire bank will be lost.

Don’t lose your sanity

Many people like that live allows you to win back immediately, because the line is updated every minute, and you don’t have to wait several hours to make a new bet. Impatient players love this, because they do not have to search for suitable events for a long time. This is the danger: having made a couple of negative bets, you can lose control over yourself and, trying to win back as soon as possible, make a lot of stupid bets and drain everything to the penny.

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